About Us

Mike Sganga, owner of Augusta Merchant Services, has lived in Augusta, Georgia, for more than 40 years. Throughout his career, Sganga has cultivated solid relationships with many area business owners. By cutting operating costs and implementing common-sense solutions that work for small businesses, Sganga makes it possible for clients to generate more revenue and income. This is reflected in the company’s philosophy: “MONEY IN YOUR POCKET IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY IN THEIR POCKET.”

Augusta Merchant Services is an affiliate for the credit card processing firm Total Merchant Services (TMS), LLC, boasting a nationwide A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Such affiliation is only one example of how we insist on providing the best service for our clients. In conjunction with TMS, Augusta Merchant Services has assisted more than 300 businesses in the Augusta area decrease the cost of credit card processing fees by as much as 50 percent.

Trust and integrity are the guiding principles of Augusta Merchant Services. We strive diligently to earn and keep your business. A meaningful working relationship with our clients is more important than simply making a sale.

Credit card processing is a necessary part of business today, but it doesn’t have to be as costly as it often is – especially for small businesses. That’s why we evaluate the needs of each client, defining the specific ways we can cut credit card processing expenses. If we can’t find a solution, we’re honest about it. Either way, our company’s goal is to determine whether your business pays too much for credit card processing and to cut high costs wherever possible.

Here are a few ways we help our clients:

• Eliminate contracts and termination fees
• Don’t impose annual fees
• Provide free machines without leasing costs
• Help cover early termination fees, if needed

We’re ready to serve your business. Click Contact Us or give us a call at 706-364-5509 to find out how Augusta Merchant Services will help you save.